Tramadol Prescrption Online

Tramadol is a synthetic analgesic based pain relieving medicine. Tramadol is used for treating moderately severe chronic pains in adults with continuous usage. Tramadol is the generic drug for Ultram ™. Some people would know Tramadol as Painkiller and some would know it as Pain Reliever.

It is a narcotic-like pain reliever, thus it is considered by some people as habbit-forming type. But, it does not give any side-effects if tramadol is used in prescribed formats. Tramadol is available against prescription and as with no-prescription in generic form. Recommended Usage of Tramadol - No Prior Prescription Drug

If you have not been taking the drug regularly, it is always recommended to start taking the medicine in smaller mg quantities and then increasing gradually over a period. Regular usage of drug for relieving from regular body pains - includes 50mg taken every 6 to 4 hours difference as per needed / intensity of pain.

In no circumstances should the usage increase more than 300mg a day. Though immediate relief medicine can be chewed, it is suggested to only swallow to get faster relief. Tramadol can be taken with or without food.

Side Effect of Tramadol - No prior prescription medicine for pain relief

  • Lesser serious side effects include dizziness, weakness, vomiting, constipation, nausea.
  • Lesser common side effects include sweating, dry mouth, diarrhea, rasges, itching.
  • The regular continuous usage of the drug causes Seizure sometimes. Contact your doctor.
  • You can also experience shallow breathing sometimes due to over dose. Contact your doctor immediately.

Precautions while taking Generic Tramadol

  • Do not take Tramadol, if you are addicted to alcohol or you have been taking narcotic pain reliever.
  • If you take overdose of Tramadol, you may experience sudden drowsiness, extreme weakness, shallow breathing etc. Seek Medical attention immediately, and avoid driving any kind of heavy work.
  • Do not use the tramadol medicine without prescription during pregnancy or on new-borns.
  • If you are on regular prescription of any generic Tramadol, do not stop suddenly.
  • Overdose of the drug may cause drowsiness, slow heartbeat, weakness etc. Relax, have rest & contact your doctor if you have taken overdose.
  • If you are also on medication of any of these drugs, do inform your doctor / pharmacist while buying tramadol: Anti depressants like - Elavil, Celexa, Anafranil, Lexapro, Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft MOA Inhibitors
  • Other medicines - Tegretol, Coumadin, Nizoral, Erythomycin, Rifampin, medicines for Seizure, muscle relaxants that cause drowsiness.

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